‘VERTI-GRO’ Vertical Growing

VERTI-GRO’ Vertical Growing systems are designed to maximise space – Verti-Gro©, America’s unique hydroponic vertical growing system can accommodate up to six times as many plants in a square area than traditional gravel beds or NFT systems. Verti-Gro© is ideal for those with space constrictions or those with poor soil unsuitable for growing. The system is therefore perfect for all types of growing conditions in Southern Africa.


What is Verti-Gro©?

Consisting of a US patented design, and manufactured under licence in South Africa, polysterene pots lock into one another to form a stack up to nine pots high. This column can accommodate 36 plants – or more, if they’re smaller herbs.

This intensive hydroponics system includes savings on:

  • Land – more plants per square metre than any other system
  • Fuel, tractor and labour costs – no tilling and prepping soil for planting
  • Fertiliser, lime and insecticide costs
  • Plastic and tunnel costs
  • Water, via recirculating pump
  • Capital, through the re-use of pots.


But that’s not all! The Verti-Gro© vertical growing method offers:

  • Faster, easier picking
  • Less weeding
  • Lower pest and disease infestation, which means higher yields
  • Less fruit culling, which means a greater production of perfect fruit.
  • Verti-Gro pots are unique for they insulate the plants against cold in winter and heat in summer by 4-5 degrees. This gives the plants a significant advantage over other systems.

Start growing vertically…

Verti-Gro is ideal for the commercial farmer.

By growing upwards, 300 000 plants per hectare can be accommodated instead of the normal 50 000 which represents a huge saving in land and space.

There is no need for ploughing, soil analysis, fertilizing, liming, tractors, drivers – it’s just so easy and automatic. Just plant and pick.

Create extra income using one sixth of the space. Why don’t you try it, you’ll be so glad you did.