Hydroponics is the growing of plants in nutrient solutions, with or without sand, gravel or other inert media, to provide mechanical support. Nutrition is supplied by water-soluble nutrients in place of soil.


Hydroponics allows for the cultivation of plants in areas where they wouldn’t typically grow. But that’s not the only benefit to this method – hydroponics also saves on land, fuel and labour. 


Hydroponics consultants

With in-depth academic knowledge and over a decade’s experience in growing fruit and vegetables hydroponically, DaisyFresh is ideally positioned to offer consultation services to anybody planning to start a hydroponic garden – to grow produce commercially or for their own enjoyment – or for established hydroponic growers wishing to improve their yield or business.

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Anyone, who attends one of our courses, leaves feeling excited about new growing possibilities!

I’ve been trying to get it right for over 2 years. Attended the course with John and Jenny and my little vegetable garden is flourishing!


, Home Grower

The prices are as good as the menu! Each time I spend less money, than anywhere else and get a fresh, tasty, homemade dinner!


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My friends, who go here every week highly recommended this place to me. Now, I visit it each day after work, though it takes me 5 more minutes to walk. But it’s totally worth it!


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Daisy Fresh provides hydroponic growing systems, and consultation and training for those interested in learning about hydroponics.

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