A Guide to Profitable Hydroponics

About This Book

Many aspirant hydroponic growers approach the Daisyfresh Hydroponic School quoting various amateur recommendations obtained from the Internet, confused by what they’ve read and why it doesn’t necessarily agree with the practical recommendations contained in this book.

This book embodies the culmination of over 20 years’ experience in hydroponics in Southern Africa and the best, most practical way of doing things. Moreover, there is an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and profitability, for it’s no good learning how to grow plants hydroponically, but losing money in the process. This book aims to cover both aspects correctly – growing the right and practical way and generating a profit with hydroponics at the same time.

A Guide To Profitable Hydroponics” is considered as the most helpful Hydroponics Book for Southern Africa. Here readers will discover innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture in the region. This comprehensive guide delves into vertical farming techniques, climate adaptation, crop selection, and water-efficient practices. It empowers local communities and farmers with knowledge to address food security challenges while conserving precious resources. With practical insights and case studies, this book is an essential resource for those seeking to harness hydroponics for a greener, more prosperous life.

About the Author

Brought up on a farm in KwaZulu-Natal, John Sandison spent most of his working life with two International Industrial Companies at senior level, both abroad and in South Africa.

Trained originally in Business Management in Birmingham and London he then spent time in Argentina and Spain before returning to Johannesburg.

He retired from industrial management at age 55 and returned to KwaZulu-Natal to start up a strawberry farm which eventually boasted over 220 000 strawberry plants. Unfortunately the hot and humid climate, exacerbated by global warming, became too much for the strawberries and the farm closed.

With 12 years’ experience in hydroponics, growing strawberries and other types of fresh produce, and backed by academic knowledge, a sideways shift into consultancy and education was inevitable. Thus the DaisyFresh Hydroponic School was born, and courses have been given to over 200 delegates over 5 years.

John holds certificates in Business Management and advanced Hydroponics. He and his wife live in Kloof, Durban.