How to grow plants perfectly and easily

The internet abounds with contributions from well-meaning amateurs, often with new-fangled ideas they’ve shared in the mistaken belief that they’ve re-invented the wheel. This course is the result of years of profitable experience backed by intellectual and theoretical knowledge that guides the learner gently to a level of competence that will enable him/her to set up their own hydroponicum, whether for commercial use or for home consumption, and is based on tried and tested practical solutions that ensure that the business makes a profit. Hydroponics is a science based on horticulture and chemical engineering and basically covers the growing of plants without soil. Instead, water soluble minerals are used to feed the plants. However, and most importantly, it’s of no use learning how to grow a perfect plant hydroponically, but lose money in the process. This course will teach you not only how to grow perfect plants but also will ensure that you do so profitably.

You may start and finish whenever you want – there is no time limit!