Have You Ever Considered Hydroponics as an Additional Source of Income?

Hydroponics, the scientific growing of fruits and vegetables without soil in a water soluble nutrient fertiliser solution cuts out much of the intensive labour and ‘dirty work’ involved when planting in open ground. Also, irrigation is made very easy as it is already part of the nutrient feeding system in hydroponics and not a separate activity.

If you were to buff up your knowledge of hydroponics you could do quite a bit with that knowledge.

Some examples come quickly to mind are:

  • Build a vertical hydroponic garden in your back yard and produce vegetables for home consumption thus saving money
  • Build a greenhouse on your own property or a suitable piece of land nearby and produce vegetables for your family and the local farmer’s market and make money.
  • Build a significant number of greenhouses on a suitable piece of land and supply fruit and vegetables to farmer’s markets, restaurants, shops and retailers and make more money. (There’ll come a time when you’ll have to get out of the rat race to dedicate yourself full time to this).
  • Work for someone or a company already producing hydroponic fruits and vegetables as an employee full or part-time, or join them as an investor.