Hydroponics Courses

More About DaisyFresh’s Hydroponics Courses

Our hydroponics courses aren’t just about growing fruit and veggies, it’s about choosing self-sufficiency!

How much does it cost?

This comprehensive two-day hydroponics course costs R3250.00. Ask about our 10% discount for block bookings of five persons and over. The course price includes:

  • Powerpoint presentation
  • A course manual
  • Educational handout
  • Lunches and coffees/teas
  • Visit to a hydroponic farm
  • Professional consultancy
  • Certificate on completion.


Hydroponics Courses: Aims and learning outcomes

To provide a good grounding and working knowledge to those with some or no knowledge of hydroponics.

After completing our hydroponics courses, participants will be able to:

  • Assess a potential site and decide upon its potential suitability for hydroponics
  • Advise on what modifications to the site would be necessary, if any
  • Recommend directional orientation and layout for the fields and buildings
  • Distinguish between various hydroponic systems and decide which would be the most suitable for the purpose
  • Identify various media and decide on which would be the most appropriate medium to use for which crop
  • Possess a knowledge of various coverings and which are most suitable for which crop and location
  • Describe the characteristics of different hydroponic systems and make recommendations regarding the suitability of a particular system
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of pH, EC and ppms
  • Appreciate the importance of proper nutrition and the part it plays in the health of plants
  • Identify the main groups of pests and diseases, and what action to take to prevent and eradicate them.
  • Possess a knowledge of hygiene and basic requirements for GLOBALGAP
  • Set up a hydroponicum successfully, or manage an existing one without making elementary errors.
  • To establish a breakeven point for an agricultural enterprise.
  • Know where and how to continue their own education and learning.

Emoyeni Country Lodge, Camperdown

29th – 30th October 2018

Limited space available, so book your spot right now!

For those travelling from out of town, accommodation is available at Emoyeni Guest Lodge. Please book this separately by calling Emoyeni Country Lodge. See you there!