Greenhouses for Hydroponics

With the increasing cost of fresh produce, growing your own fruit and vegetables makes more and more sense. Why not get yourself a hydroponic greenhouse and enjoy home-grown goods, packed full of vitamins and minerals, year-round?

Custom built greenhouses

DaisyFresh constructs and erects greenhouses in Kwazulu-Natal Province in South Africa. Greenhouses can be made to your specification and to fit any space you may have in mind to accommodate them. They can be made from gum poles and shade cloth or metal and plastic, although the latter are not recommended for use anywhere near the coast because of excessive heat generated in summer, unless they are well ventilated.

Greenhouses also come in standard sizes: 5m x 3m, 8m x 30m, 10m x 30m or in multispan configuration. Multispans are what the name suggests – a number of tunnels or greenhouses spanned together minus the interleading walls. This implies a significant cost saving as only the roof and outside walls are used.

Should you be requiring tunnels, greenhouses or a multispan kindly supply us with the following information to enable us to prepare you an estimate:

  • Municipal area in which it’s envisaged erecting the assembled growing houses
  • Size of the ground available
  • Area in m2 designated for the greenhouses or tunnels – please give length x breadth
  • Detail of types of crops you would like to grow – if more than one please indicate the relative % space that would be given over to each crop. (These percentages must add up to 100%)
  • Does the ground face North?
  • What is the % incline/slope?
  • Do you have a monkey problem?
  • Any specific requirements that you’d like us to consider

Send your request for quote to .

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