Pitfalls in Hydroponics

In an earlier issue of The Farmer's Weekly Julia Kupka exposed some of the shortcomings of the hanging bag system and the dangers of unscrupulous franchisors. These are two very real dangers for potential hydroponics farmers, but there are many others too that the inexperienced hydroponics farmer may not be aware of. read more

A Bit about DaisyFresh and Hydroponics

DaisyFresh has been in existence for over five years and specialises in Hydroponics, Hydroponics Consulting, and Training. We undertake Business Plans for aspirant growers along with determination of the Breakeven point to ensure that Business owners know at which point their businesses will begin to realise a profit. There are other products to complement the hydroponic ranges such as Greenhouses, Verti-Gro vertical hydroponic growing systems, hydroponic kits and biltong makers that complete the range of home products. read more

Five Things to Know About Hydroponics

Hydro from the Greek meaning ‘water’ and ‘ponos’ from the Greek meaning ‘work’ gives us the meaning to work in water. Hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil. The plant nutrition, instead of being supplied by the soil is supplied by water soluble nutrients dissolved in the water. This gives this method of growing many advantages over growing in soil. read more

Why Go on A Hydroponics Course?

You’ve heard about ‘paying school fees’ when learning the hard way about a new subject, hobby or activity with which you’re not familiar. Venturing into the field of hydroponics is no different – the penalties for getting it wrong take the form of money disappearing from your pocket! Here’s why it’s so important to learn about hydroponics before embarking on your own adventure. read more

Hydroponics Training – Why it’s Important

Would you go to an unqualified Doctor if you were ill? Do you know of any CEO of a Company that isn’t qualified or trained for the position? Many people might regard these questions as frivolous but the same can be said of the application of hydroponics, which is a science all of its own and a meld of chemistry and agriculture. Imagine trying to make a pair of shoes without having been trained in the art. read more

Do You Love Biltong But Can’t Afford to Buy it? We Have the Answer.

The cost of living increases daily and nothing reflects the effects of food price inflation more starkly than the price of biltong. All biltong is locally made so there’s no hiding behind the exchange rate as the usual excuse for price increases. Yet, biltong can fetch hugely high prices with game biltong over R200 per kg and normal beef biltong coming a close second behind it. Perhaps the makers of biltong rely on South African’s passion for the delicacy that drives them to buy it in spite of the high prices. read more

Save Money and Grow Your Own Vegetables Hydroponically

Inflation in South Africa is rising continually at about 6.25% per annum, and you only have to go to your local supermarket to verify it. Some seasonal vegetables go up and down such as lettuce and tomatoes but when out of season tomatoes are selling for more than R20/kg and lettuces in January and February are going for more than R20 a head then you know you’ve just seen the signs of inflation, food price inflation. read more